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Back Wine and food event requires comprehensive logistics planning

A prestigious wine and food event held in the NY area is becoming larger each year, with a large number of sponsors, vendors and venues.



  • Complex event planning and management
  • Hundreds of stakeholders and their equipment
  • Looking for a simplified solution
  • One logistics provider to execute process end to end 

Popular wine and food event requires comprehensive logistics planning, coordination and 24/7 execution  


Planning and managing the event had become extremely complex for the client, due to the many components involved to make it successful — hundreds of sponsors, vendors, food and beverage supplies, equipment, transportation and daily fulfilment. The client was looking for a one-stop logistics vendor to help plan and execute the entire event – with accountability and on-time pick-up and delivery on a daily basis.


A detailed "white glove" logistics solution was mapped out by Quick's team to manage the event from beginning to end, handling every aspect needed to run the event efficiently and seamlessly — from obtaining alcohol licences, to warehousing and inventory of equipment and supplies, delivering to over 70 venues throughout the week, and pick-up of all items at conclusion of event.

Quick's specialists coordinated all the logistics before and after the event, and planned for the most cost-effective transportation, utilizing vans, trucks, trailer and temperature-controlled vehicles. The plan included:

  • Onsite Quick manager to coordinate load in/load out and oversee event logistics details
  • Pre-event shipping - Receive all sponsors materials from all over the world and sorting products per event
  • Post-event shipping - Break down skids and returning unused/used product back to the sponsors after event
  • Inventory control management - Receive products at Quick warehouses, open boxes to obtain full description of product, sort, and report details to client electronically or via Google Drive
  • Fulfilment - Pick and pack 10,000 gift bags with sponsor products (25-30 items) for distribution to attendees
  • Transportation - Deliver to various events during the festival week, and pick up all leftover products and return to client, sponsors or back to Quick warehouse for inventory and storage
  • Warehousing - Provide short and long term storage for the client during and after event