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QuickBoard is our digital system for customized real-time shipment visibility. Integrated with your QuickOnline account, it provides a seamless end-to-end logistics solution.

A bird’s-eye view of shipment activity

If you have multiple locations and shipments going back and forth between them, QuickBoard helps you manage workflows more effectively.

Quick’s digital signage system monitors shipments in real time, letting you see what’s coming and going and when. You can better plan, staff and schedule your shipments while prioritizing which has to be processed first.

  • The at-a-glance snapshot of inbound and outbound activity offers a high-level overview of multiple shipments on one screen. Monitor live milestones and in-transit timelines, including alerts for any delays.
  • Enjoy greater control of actionable information. Proactively schedule staffing based on shipment arrival volumes and process the most critical first.

Designed to optimize your supply chain 

Powered by QuickOnline, our leading global supply chain logistics platform, QuickBoard allows you to customize features to match your operations.

  • Information views define how often screens refresh and whether you see the shipper, consignee, flight origin/destination, in-transit times, expected delivery and more.
  • Scheduled primary and secondary alerts have separate colors and timing for easy identification. You can opt to display the estimated time of arrival and choose between weather, no-show airlines and delay alerts.