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Back Medical devices and med tech shipping services

When every second counts, we deliver lifesaving, life-changing med tech products. Our experts handle the most complex shipments from pacemakers to MRI machines.

A high-speed logistics solution that provides complete reliability and end-to-end support for your mission-critical med tech shipments.

24/7/365 top-tier service

No patient should be kept waiting while urgent equipment is being transported. 

For fast and reliable deliveries, take advantage of our global time-critical solutions to navigate through local regulatory requirements. From pick-up to delivery, we guarantee your time-sensitive med tech shipments are handled with care and delivered on time, at any time.

Speedy deliveries

We work with carefully selected carriers, choosing the best routes to ensure your shipments arrive quickly and efficiently.

Expect the unexpected—the back-up for your back-up plan

Your urgent med tech components and devices have to reach those patients waiting for treatment. That’s why our team of specialists constantly monitors airline alerts and global events, always ready to execute contingency plans. 

Nothing stops your shipment from arriving at its destination on time.

Custom-made solutions

Our experts are adept at tailoring solutions to the specific requirements of your med tech shipments and provide door-to-door delivery–even to the most remote locations. You receive proactive notifications and alerts at every milestone in your shipment’s journey.