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Our comprehensive inventory management solution is cloud-based and easy to use. Track your inventory levels, forecast demand and optimize order fulfillment anywhere in the world.

Getting a handle on your critical spare parts can be a challenge—especially when you need easy access to global inventory. With secure warehouses strategically located in key countries worldwide, Quick can store your spare parts in locations close to where you do business. Inventory management services offer real-time reporting, so you know exactly what you have in stock and where it is. 

Take advantage of services that keep your supply chain on track.

  • End-to-end warehousing and inventory management that lets you upload inventory files into the QuickOnline platform
  • Detailed online inventory tracking through our Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • A logistics deployment programme customized to meet your time requirements and schedule
  • Complete inventory reporting: view shipments by location, part number or description
  • Real-time inventory status: availability and quantity adjusted automatically when parts are shipped or replenished
  • Full scan capabilities for all inventory under Quick’s control with inbound and outbound functions