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Our team of experts helps you navigate the complex and ever-changing semiconductor supply chain with full shipment visibility and on-time delivery.

As the demand for semiconductors increases, so does pressure on supply chains. When customers are ready to launch the latest product innovation, on-time delivery of that special shipment means everything to them. Any delay could result in missed deadlines, cost overruns and loss of corporate integrity.

To meet your production commitments, Quick is designed to help you conduct business according to plan. With 24/7/365 operations and support, our team continuously monitors airline alerts, weather and global events that could affect transport. When disruptions do occur, tailor-made contingency solutions ensure every semiconductor shipment arrives at its destination safely and on schedule.

Your mission-critical shipments, delivered quickly and efficiently

Strategic and proactive intervention mitigates unforeseen in-transit issues. Advanced digital tools give you full control and visibility at every touchpoint. With timely data for pre-determined events, shipments are managed efficiently throughout the entire journey. Quick keeps your supply chain running like clockwork.

Semiconductor logistics solutions

  • Around-the-clock service, including off-hours pick-up and delivery
  • Customizable solutions to match your business 
  • Hyper-care that stays on top of unpredictable events
  • Advanced digital tools for full control and visibility
  • Accurate and real-time data
  • Rapid execution of contingency plans