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Global telecommunications and technology innovator meets critical project deadlines.



  • Roll-out of new 5G network
  • Stick to the deadline to avoid penalties
  • Strict chain of custody and milestone visibility
  • Required higher level of air cargo service


A leading multinational telecommunications and information technology company specializing in mobile, fixed and cloud networks was chosen to roll-out a new 5G network in India. The installation was to take place quickly over a two-week timeframe – with the company facing financial penalties for missed deadlines. The challenge from the outset was that certain materials needed for the roll-out were sourced from Italy. From a logistics standpoint, parts of Italy’s terrain can be difficult, and, as a result, the route from Italy to India is not always an easy one. That’s especially true when dealing with emergency shipments such as these. As a customer of Quick’s parent, Kuehne+Nagel, the company would typically handle these 200-300kg shipments using standard air freight – but to meet their tight timelines, they needed a strict chain of custody and full transparency at every milestone. That’s when Kuehne+Nagel recommended a premium service through Quick.


Using its highest level of air freight service, Next Flight Out, Quick’s Control Tower in London planned routes and secured direct flight options to ensure chain of custody. This involved negotiating the highest priority space available based on Quick’s long-standing relationships with global airlines, which minimized the risk of shipments being offloaded and causing delays. From the point of pick-up through to delivery, each shipment was handled by Quick and its local logistics partners exclusively.

The Control Tower was in constant communication with all parties involved, proactively monitoring milestones for each shipment and providing round-the-clock updates via several channels for complete transparency. This included off-hours and weekends. Quick also collaborated with Kuehne+Nagel brokerage services in India to ensure shipments moved seamlessly through customs for last-mile final delivery.


Installation deadlines were already in place when the company came to Quick, which meant the Control Tower had to work backwards to map out timelines and routes. With this, the first shipments had to be picked up within 24 hours of the company approving Quick’s proposed solution to keep the project on schedule. The detailed planning resulted in on-time delivery for every shipment throughout the installation – which meant the company met its commitments and avoided any potential late fees.