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A large financial institution with data centers located throughout the United States, needed to move an entire data center from one location to another in the New York City area.



  • Large-scale relocation of data center to another site within the city
  • Keep to the tight timeline
  • Provider with project planning and management experience
  • Scheduling flexibility with after-hours moves


A large financial institution, with data centers located throughout the United States, needed to move an entire data center from one location to another in the New York City area.

There were two data center locations in Manhattan and one of them was being downsized significantly. A deadline needed to be met as the current space was being leased out, and the savings were significant. The majority of clients serviced at the downsized data center were to be transferred over to the other Manhattan data center location.

A project of this scale has never been performed by the client and the company had limited budget and manpower resources. As a result, they required a vendor that would be able to provide project planning as well as manage the entire process.

While quality of service, the ability to work with other trades in the building and scheduling flexibility was paramount, our client’s major concern was equipment damage during the move. Plus, they needed an efficient logistics solution that would meet their budget and deadlines. The data center relocation was to be done in stages to ensure that systems were moved after hours, and would be operational immediately upon delivery to the new location. The time frame was very tight, and deadlines had to be met, as the current space was being leased out to another company.


The Quick Logistics team designed a plan that provided time efficiencies and flexibility. The risk of damaged equipment was minimized and the move was accomplished within a limited time frame and budget.

Quick ensured that the equipment arrived to its destination intact

In the past, the data center moves required removal of all racked equipment. All empty racks along with removed packed equipment were transported and then re-racked, installed and tested before being put online. However, in this relocation project, Quick utilized a process of moving each fully racked cabinet using a packing process and checklist that allows each cabinet to be moved without removing stored equipment. This provided the client with significant savings in both time and IT manpower. The packing process and checklist were demonstrated on several “test” runs, and the process was then accepted as standard throughout all future data center locations for this organization.

Fast, secure and cost-effective transport methods

Quick saved the client a significant amount of time at the origin data center, as there was no need to unrack and pack any equipment. Additionally, the Quick Logistics team ensured that each cabinet was move-ready, and reduced a significant amount of time and money related to past data center moves with other vendors. The project was priced for each phase, making it easier for the client to track expenses and review each portion of the project.

Flexible scheduling, with ability to accommodate system back-up time frames and other trade issue schedules  

Quick planned for ample manpower and flexibility so that any unforeseen scheduling issues from other trades could be dealt with effectively and efficiently. We worked with all other client vendors associated with the project and planned ahead of time to ensure that all proper building requirements were met, and the elevator and security departments were adequately staffed and aware of the timelines.

Preparation, consulting and project planning  

Quick Logistics presented a detailed logistics plan that provided timelines and recommendations that would keep the plan on schedule and within budget. They communicated and coordinated with all internal and external personnel involved with the data center project move to adhere to daily and weekly deadlines. The Quick Logistics management team was onsite before, during and after each move. Post-move meetings were conducted after each project phase, to review past and upcoming moves, and plans were adjusted accordingly to meet the client's needs.