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Back Mike LoRusso: Tech & IT logistics in the time of coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted global supply chains. Here, we speak to three executives from Quick about how they are working to keep businesses and people moving during this crisis.

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This episode of Quick Conversations was recorded on March 30, 2020 in New York City - the current epicenter of the coronavirus. Depending upon when you're listening to this programme, the virus' hot spots will likely be somewhere else. But wherever it's travelled to, one thing is for sure: COVID-19 not only represents an acute, sometimes dire health concern, but also an unprecedented impact on our global supply chains as we know them. After all:

  • How do you move business-critical high-tech components across borders when you can't move cross-border?
  • How do you manage just-in-time deliveries when the airline routes you depend on change, or are even cancelled, at any moment?
  • And of course, how do you keep your own workforce safe and active during a global pandemic?

Those are just some of the challenges that Mike LoRusso is facing and solving every day. Mike is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Quick Specialty Logistics. He has worked on the financial and logistics management side of the business, so he knows how to keep processes operational during challenging situations – supporting the needs of businesses ranging from the financial services sector to healthcare, high-tech, automotive to hospitality and beyond.

Mike took some time today to talk with host Chris Riback, about how he and his team are working during this crisis – focused on keeping business and life moving, even when it seems the whole world has stopped.