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Quick’s experts handle your most complex and secure high-tech shipments, asset management, recycling and equipment, and office relocations.

End-to-end technology logistics with the highest level of customer service. Since 1981, Quick has been fulfilling the most challenging requests in technology, helping companies around the world exceed their tightest time frames. We offer a completely closed-loop, fast and secure time-critical logistics solution with seasoned experts that oversee your project from beginning to end.


Emergency global transportation 

With Next Flight Out (NFO), you get both speed and security. Our long-standing partnerships with major airlines around the world give you access to optimal routes.

Expedited airport recovery

When your shipments are urgent, confidential or high-value, they require special handling and the greatest care to ensure security and integrity.

Priority customs clearance 

As experts in global time-critical shipping, we provide end-to-end planning for safe and secure transport. Quick’s regulatory specialists review documentation and classification of your shipments, to ensure compliance with global regulatory laws and move through customs without delays.

IT equipment


Asset refresh and recovery

A complete closed-loop system keeps your equipment and data secure from breakdown, removal and shipping or redeployment—right through to setup and installation.


Life cycle asset management

With an accurate inventory of your owned and leased assets, you get a snapshot of your computers and network components company-wide – from acquisition to disposal or recycling.


Large equipment moves

Move your oversized equipment in the same building or complex, or from one office to another. Quick’s specialists coordinate crating and shipping via direct drive, ground or air transportation.


Inventory and warehousing

Store new or redeployed equipment in our global network of secure warehouses until you’re ready to install it. We deliver your technology assets and can even help with installation and setup.



Data center relocations and decommissioning

Our experts develop a plan for moving your equipment from one or more sites to another, overseeing each step of the process. This includes breakdown, packing and transport as well as destruction or recycling of everything from equipment to air conditioning units.

Branch office relocations

Safely move your employee workstations, equipment and more. Services are available after hours and on weekends to ensure you’re up and running before staff arrive.

Data destruction and equipment recycling

Data destruction

Protect the data on old hard drives or other media with end-to-end data destruction services. Get onsite collection as well as complete data wiping and sanitizing.


Equipment recycling

Responsibly recycle almost 100% of your e-waste and keep old electronics out of landfill with safe and secure collection and de-manufacturing services.